Why choose RAQ Canada?


We are immigrants ourselves who understand the anxiety caused by the risks and challenges associated with Canada’s immigration application process.  Through our first-hand experience, we have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for the value that immigration consultants bring in easing that anxiety.  We are driven to provide the same value to you, our clients, as we continuously fulfill our mission each day – to offer topnotch service in assisting and guiding you through Canada’s rigorous immigration process.

In addition, we understand that securing a Canadian visa is just the first step. Additional concerns and worries are brought to light as soon as immigrants step foot in Canada – the most significant of which, is finding a suitable job. Thus, in addition to the actual mandate of providing immigration advice and assistance, the firm will also share helpful insights and resources as you start your journey in your new home. These will include an introduction to the Canadian job application process and referral to non-profit organizations, whose main goal is to assist new immigrants integrate into the Canadian job market.


The firm’s consultants are competent practitioners who have completed the full course on immigration laws, policies and procedures. The firm is also compliant with the requirements of the regulator, ICCRC, including regulations around ethical conduct. Hence, we are in the best position to assist our clients in their immigration applications.

The firm is also comprised of professionals with business advisory, finance and accounting backgrounds. This makes us multi-dimensional advisors, whose insights are not merely limited to the provision of immigration advice, but are also able to provide insights on the job market in Canada, networking opportunities, occupations that are generally in demand, personal branding, etc.


We recognize how important efficiency is in the immigration application process. Our efforts are geared towards submitting complete and accurate applications in the soonest time possible.

To achieve this, we have automated the processes in our operations, where possible. We have engaged the services and software capabilities of proven service providers in the data management, marketing, billing and accounting space. The benefits for clients include effective collaboration through an online assessment questionnaire, a secure client portal, complete and current application forms and documents, timely dissemination of pertinent immigration news and updates and timely delivery of completed applications.